building details in europe

details in europe. 3 standard details of a brick wall.

First one is the standard Spanish solution: a non ventilated masonry façade. Spains latest building legislation (CTE) allows this type of façade in the mayority of spain, where wind and rain is not likely to cause any problem. Inner wall of a 4 cm thick brick ‘ladrillo hueco sencillo’

Second one is the typical solution in the Netherlands: a ventilated brick façacade. The masonry works as a shield for rain, but water actually enters the airchamber (cámera de aire), and is ventilatated through the vertical joints (llagas) that are left open (without mortar). The inner wall is usually made of sand-lime brick.

Third one is a standard detail in the Czech Republic. A non ventilated façade, although the ventilated façade is also common. The insulation goes al away around the cornice which assures a ´warm´ construction. Inner wall is made of Poroterm isolated bricks, a very common way of building in the Czech Republic.

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